Bay Area singer-songwriters Scott Castro & Michael Campbell have joined forces to bring you Hall 1, a soulful, alternative acoustic guitar duo that turns its' diverse musical influences into a wholly unique experience for the listener. Combining lush vocal harmonies with intelligent lyrics and well crafted acoustic guitar melodies with strong lead hooks, Hall 1 creates a sound that defies easy classification, but remains familiar and accessible to fans of a wide variety of musical styles.

On their self-titled debut CD, Hall 1 delivers eleven original tunes that veer from the politically charged opening track "Bound" to the Dylanesque balladry of "Show Me Where It Hurts", from the crunching blues of "Bigger Monster" to the eerie meditation of the closing track "Dead". On these songs, and all points in between, Hall 1 presents their work in a straightforward, stripped down fashion, relying on the strength of their songs rather than studio enhancements.
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