Featuring:DAN BRENEMAN ripping up bass and vocals, GREG DAVIS wailing on lead guitar, RICK ALDRED jamming out rhythms and RED HAGER pounding skins...

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Grove Street, a rock quartet based out of Mesa, Arizona, is 20 plus years in the making. Their roots began with bassist/lead vocalist Dan Breneman and lead guitarist Greg Davis, who have been writing and recording since meeting one another at Cortez High School in Phoenix, AZ. After numerous name and lineup changes, Dan and Greg are now collaborating with rhythm guitarist Rick Aldred and drummer Dave Red Hager The no frills style of Grove Street is a sound reminiscent of the great classic rock bands of the mid to late 20th century. With a combination of inspired songwriting and rigorous rehearsing, Grove Street serve up a high energy dose of rock-n-roll.

To contact the band for everything including booking, call 480.335.2930

Grove Street is:
Greg Davis-Lead Guitars
Dan Breneman-Bass/Vocals
Rick Aldred-Rhythm Guitars/Vocals
Dave Red Hager-Drums

  • Member Since: 2004
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