Growing up in a small town has its ideosyncracies; growing up in a metropolis has its adventures, and somewhere in-between is Lodi, California. Elements of both upbringings make their way into the daily life of a Lodian. It's small enough to complain about, yet big enough to be unaware of how bad others have it in tiny towns. The music scene longs to bud and flourish, but the town is just small enough to stunt and stagnate any aspirations of real growth.

Gregory Michael's music is in direct defiance and refusal of acceptance of this condition. He doesn't allow his surroundings to remain uninspiring. He feeds off the basics, the simplicity, that every human being shares and creates songs that layer deep within the soul's understanding. Whether you trolly down thet hill in San Francisco or trailor it up in Palm Springs you can be captured by Gregory Michael's music. He takes the most potent power of music and exploits it to its capacity.

The Beatles said it best, "Come together, right now, over me." Everyone can and do come together over Gregory's music. At his shows the ages range from 14 to 60 making a Gregory Michael performance a particularly unique place. He doesn't claim to be a political or social revolutionary, but he does aspire to maintain his musical integrity, which often inspires change in those listening. He gets chills when he thinks about Ray Charles inadvertently breaking down the railings segregating the Whites and Blacks on the dance floor. "That's half the reason I do music; because of its ability to invoke change. The other 'cause I love to."

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