Born and raised on Rock n'Roll. 40 years of playing and writing stuff that gets the blood pumpin' and the eyes waterin'. Tons of friends in the industry, including some big names, that I won't mention now. My philosophy is that "Someone has to wear the black hat, or there's no movie" We can't all be the heroic "Good guy" because there'd be no balance. Some of us are destined to be the contrary kind of guy, that makes the movie more fun and interesting. Play the cards you're dealt, and make the best of it.

Grand Scoundrel

Grand Scoundrel is based on the idea that someone has to wear the black hat. There has to be a balance, otherwise there's no movie. Everybody has to be something, and we can't all be the same. Some of us are born to be less fortunate, or less agreeable, or less sociable than others. We all have a part in this, tragic-comedy and when you find out that maybe you're not the perfect son, and you're never gonna get the chance to be the hero, and you accept that, then you can be happier with what you are and what you have. Play the cards you've been dealt, and do the best you can.

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