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Well we've moved out of Paris, and the prairie's become home. We've left behind the troubled city boulevards we've known.
Time is getting longer than the day in which we gave,
Because we've found our place in Picardy and we have time to save.

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I thought it would be easy.....after only thirty years....the first....but it's so sleazy, dirty, filthy, smelly, hot as hell. It doesn't really matter much and I've grown old, you as well! All these things add a final touch to a remarkable career! I'd never dreamt it'd take so long. Perhaps I'd only dreamt! It came with something rather wrong and found me lying in my headroom or was it in a loaded chamber ? Leaving for the East I hadn't really planned to give in to my senses, mind I am not a brute, the pace of life was different and once upon a dust track route I found myself ensnared and feeling smells and sounds and colours lifting all my selves up, intimate, reeling. My conscience had a way of shifting! A strange sense-asian overcame me. But then again it's lonely ! And in crowds we get so one and only and I never asked for that. The morning after was relatively late, the day before had ended sooner than expected, around eight. There had been a young and unknown crooner. A magician and a snake bored me stiff and I can say without a doubt that the elephant on skateboard was what really knocked me out ! The charmer with his cobra played the flute (or something like it) ! The dancer danced, onlookers swayed, the sun was high, the scent was strong, the crowd called out, their money paid, and finally in Chittagong I saw the land my father knew. Months, years, decades had passed and what was I supposed to do ? (It all came home to me at last !) ....

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over 30 days ago to Graham Hewstone

nice one

1 Replies
Louis Jimenez8056016
over 30 days ago

Nice one

Graham Hewstone
over 30 days ago to Graham Hewstone

I'm really looking for a lyricist who can adapt lyrics or who has lyrics suitable for my music...

Common Ground
over 30 days ago to Graham Hewstone

Thank you for the nice review of our song, "Bye Bye Maggie"! We really do appreciate the feedback! Cheers! Bill Hunter, Common Ground

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