Goldenthroat is: Brandon Leon & Tony Silver, with featured artistes various.
Tony Silver is a singer/songwriter.
BPS is a hiphop artist produced by Tony Silver.
Brandon Dicino is a dance artist produced by Tony Silver.

Brandon Leon has had numerous commercial releases in the U.K, and Europe.working during the UK Punk era with Factory Records, Island Records, and many more.
In the 80's he produced records with soap stars, and many TV personalities.He had releases of various projects in the UK during the 90's too! - He is now looking for a major release with Goldenthroat.

Tony Silver is a singer/songwriter/producer and session musician, and plays bass for Roger Daltrey, and Pheobe Snow, amongst others...

Contact Brandon Leon: 561/635-5840
Contact Tony Silver 310/903-1054
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Clean Clean

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