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About Garshar "Songbird" Christo

Dallas, Texas, born and raised... Garshar is a singer/songwriter, hip hop artist, play and book writer, and an actress; known by some of her musical peers as "Songbird". Singing was never a passion of hers growing up, though, she was always told she had a voice, since the age of 5. Loving to write poetry and songs or just acting in front of a mirror, at an early age, had always been her comfort zone. Around her early 20's, she began to find her singing voice and engaged more into the R&B/Soul and Hip Hop scene... recording songs, hooks, and performing as a background singer for many local artists, as well as opening for local and known artists in her hometown and in other states. After a few years of gaining musical and industry experiences, she branched out on her own to pursue her destiny as a solo artist, and doesn't dare limit herself to just one genre of music. She tends to challenge herself, vocally and creatively, in every song that she writes.
Athough, singing and writing songs are some of Garshar's true passions, she has indulged herself creatively in other areas of entertainment, such as acting, which has inspired her to write 8 plays. She has also written 14 children's books, another passion of hers. Garshar has appeared in three playwrights... two of those are plays written and produced by the late Hazel Baker, called "Lord, Please Don't Pass Me By" and "The Wilson's: Keeping It Real", and one playwright written by the late Gwendolyn Tyler, called "Man of All Seasons", where she also graced the stage with her vocal abilities. She plans on pursuing more in acting, in hopes for the big screen, someday, as well as having more of a role in managing and producing her own music. Garshar is currently in the process of completing her 1st album, titled "Neva Gonna B Perfec" and dropped her 1st EP, "Garshar The EP", in September of 2017 (M4g Entertainment), which is available for purchase in any online music store.

"My music is "the giving" and "the living" of me, as well as life lessons to this world... Music is the only way I can carry on and be everything that I am meant to be! "- Garshar

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