Gallivanting Riot Vanz is an Indie/Alternative rock band from Adelaide, South Australia. Initially started as a solo project by Tuan Luu (Guitars, Vocals) in 2009, It was later joined by Brad Roscow(Guitars, vocals), Stephan Bogdan (Bass) and Andre Scaffidi (Drums) and hence formed into a band in 2011.

The band mainly draws its roots and influences from british rock and indie music, and it also incoorporates various aspects from a variety of different genres.
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Pete Hansen
over 30 days ago to Gallivanting Riot Vanz

Dear Tuan Luu & band members, Thank you for your review of my song "FEAR", and thank you for the kind and supportive coments.
Good luck to you all!

Thank you very much for you review as we are still kids we can improve a lot. thank you we will take the information and put it into our next song. I really like your songs by the way. again thank you GRV.

James Palace
over 30 days ago to Gallivanting Riot Vanz

Hi GRV, this is James Palace and I want to say thanks for the very nice review of my song, "Help Me." It was thorough and detailed and I appreciate the effort that you put into it. Most importantly, I'm thrilled that you really liked the song. Cheers, JP.

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