Jazz funk /smooth jazz.Bass guitar and composer,jazz inspirational,R&B. Psalm 33:3 says ( Sing to Him a new song :play skillfully,and shout for joy) There comes a time in your career where you must give credit were credit is due.If you think you have obtained what you have on your own, think again! If you want to go further, Praise God!!! This site is my unique way of giving Him the glory

43 years of bass

Peace, Love and Joy...
Playing and composing music is what it has been for me ,and I truly thank God for it. I have played for Creavite Funk, and composed the hit Ready Made Family. I also played with Bobbie Humphry and the late Stanley Turrentine. I also had the pleasure of playing with Norman Connors with Jeane Carne. I recorded for Sony,with Corey Rooney and Soul Convention records. I also played with many of the club date bands in New York. Now I am the founder of Galanda Music Publishing , Inc. where we have A wealth of Music to choose from for any project ,along with many musicians and composers and producers. Jamaica Queens is the place where alot of jazz and funk has originated, and I am proud to say I am one of the Jamaica Funk originals. Stay posted to this site for alot more artist and music.. Peace, Love, Joy..

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