Martino Landrum better known by his stage name G.A.F.L(give a f#ck less), is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur. He is one of the most explosive new artist from Minnesota. Originally born in Chicago, Ill.

Martino moved with his family to Minnesota at a early age,( R & J Entertainment) who have been a strong force in the music industry promoting R&B bands. GAFL at the age of 9 years old quickly became a force to be reckoned with destroying competition verbally on the microphone on the South-side of Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota which got him noticed by record labels as one of the top Minnesota artist on the verge of stardom. However, that same energy that he used to positively eliminate inferior rappers he also used negatively in the streets which lead to incarceration away from family,real friends and his daughter. Before Martino was incarcerated he was signed by G.O.G.E.T.T.A. MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT a independent music company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sta
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Clean Clean

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