Hey Wild One!

Ra !

Dr.StrangeRawk Warps with the Doom/Stoner MetlRawkWarp Band
FraankenRawk !

If You Dig this Warp e-mail and We can Arrrage Many More (200) Warped and strange Heavy tunes To twist your Skull !


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Every Week Dr.StrangeRawk And the Denizen Of FraankenRawk Twist up a New Brew Of Warpped Mania


FraankenRawk Is !

FaankenRawk Lives !


FraankenRawk Is :
Dr. StrangeRawk- Grind & Roar
A Warpped Dude With A Passion For Twisting Sonic Sanity

The Gimp - Twist & Bellow
A Mystic Denizen That Lurks in The Forest of Rontnev

M.J.Iron-Leg (The BioMechanical Drummer) -
Part Man/Pert Machine

Cannot Be Named - Doon & Buzz
A Trained Killer from the East ( if you are west of him )

Formed In 2000 , Confusing Man and Beast alike with sonic mayhem and twisted Jam.

Warp and then Warp and Then..

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