Arisen from the ashes of former bands, Forge maintains their loyalty to their music and makes sure it comes first. Their music derived from many genres and influences cannot be fit into a small place.
With the musical virtuosity of Lincoln Brooks on guitar, delivering lines that sometimes border on impossibility.
Accompanied by Flynn McPherson on the bass guitar which he handles with dexterity and precision. Whether it be a four or six and handling the harmony vocals with style.
Rounding out this three piece is Barry Mason the secreted drumming singer whose vocal acrobatics flow seamlessly with his formidable grooves, and they combine to make an aurally stimulating feast for your mind.

Latest News

Thanks to all the crazy groovers last night at the gig. You showed them what it is like to have a great time out. We will keep you informed and upto date as more gigs come to hand. So sit tight as we are in preparation for release of the album "Progressive Chaotic Dicotomii"
Rock on.

....In The Beginning

We will try to explain in our most basic terms how this band came to being. And also along the way you should get to find out some pretty interesting rubbish.

Here we go on our crazy ride.

Intro - Our Bass Demon

Well I suppose we should introduce who we are.
Firstly I will let you meet our amazing bass player Flynn McPherson,(the ladies love him)stolen at very early age from a tribe deep in the earths crust. He discovered that making deep rumbling sounds, (that we reckon caused the San Andreas fault) was a good way to attract the opposite sex and make them go weak in the knees. So it was natural that he take up the bass. And he hasn't looked back. Continually showing that the bass is a weapon more than an instrument sometimes, as he delivers licks that only can be desribed as moving.

Bit Of A Mystery

The man who uses the six string so deftly and precisely like a surgeon wielding a scalpel, is none other than Lincoln Brooks. With his innate ability to create a soundscape that borders on insanity.
We are sure that when he arrived on this planet the frequencies that heralded his arrival are the reason why The Roman Empire fell to it's knees. It could also explain why he is a quiet man that lets his guitar do all the talking.

Lunacy Confined

The man behind the kit and also the voice is Barry Mason. Trying to bottle this crazy man is a power source all of it's own. With the ability hold down a groove that will demolished a small mountain range. While holding a vocal line that can only be descrided as shattering, we discovered early on not to stand to close while he is singing.
From time forgotten the rhythms that hold the planet together have had competition from this crazy stick wielding man.

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