Acoustic based indie rock pop- band from San Francisco, Ca. formed in 2000, Face on Straight has been steadily gaining momentum, critical acclaim, and a growing fanbase. With their crowd pleasing live shows and catchy, intelligent indie pop songs, they are making a name for themselves as a new breed of musicians. relying strictly on musicianship and songcrafting, and scaling back on the glam and glitter. it may seem raw, but it is full of life. subtle textures and harmonies.songs that go straight to the core, all the while making you move and think. Their CD, The Way Things Are, a collection of 7 strong, love and friendship inflicted melodies, has garnered rave reviews by audiences and press. The upcoming CD, Midnight to Morning" to be finished at the end of 2008, they want to take the music to a new level, incorporating new ideas and visions. stay tuned and be ready for more Face on Straight to sing along to. listen and tell us what you think. more at

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new album out! ""midnight to morning on last dance records. available at ITunes, and check it out!

Face on Straight

Face on Straight hails from San Francisco, Ca. Formed in 2000, the duo of Chris Wong and Thomas Boles are the mainstay and heart of the band. They write, sing, perform, and produce all the music. With a blend of genres ranging from rock, to powerpop, to folk, to Indie, they have crafted a sound and a collection of songs that will not only grab your attention, but will beg you to sing along. Often compared to the Counting Crows and Coldplay, Face on Straight is its own brand of musicianship. Adult material with a playful and melodic background. You will connect with them at some level. All they ask in return is that you share your experience with a friend. Music is a gift.

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