In the spring of 2011 Evan Riley was laid off from his job. With a new house and baby on the way things were stressful and uncertain. To help cope, Evan did what he always did during difficult times; he turned to his guitar for solace and clarity. Taping into influences such as Martin Sexton, Eddie Vedder, and Glen Hansard, Evan found songwriting to be a natural outlet. Says Evan, "I've never been able to write songs as easily as this. It is like I've been called back by some greater force".

With lots of new tunes polished and ready to be heard Evan hit the recording studio. The result is Evan's debut CD entitled "RELEASE". This dynamic debut blends well crafted songwriting, catchy melodies, and thought provoking lyrics into a string of 11 original and heartfelt songs . "RELEASE", at its core, is about letting go in a world of constant worry and change.

Latest News

We are very excited to announce that Evan has been nominated for a Janesville Area Creativity Award! The song "For You Today" has been nominated for Best Original Song. The JAC award ceremony will be held on February 16th at 6:00pm at the Janesville Performing Arts Center. Please come join Evan for a great night!
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