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Instead of just having my 'professional biography' posted here on Broadjam, I'd thought I'd give you a little glimpse of myself....myself, you know?

Anyway, my name is Dustin, and I'm originally from Chesapeake, VA. After getting out of the Army back in '07, I decided to move to California to pursue music: Both occupation and education-wise. I use to want to be a video game designer, but eventually fell off of it and decided to get into music instead. I use to always be infatuated by the music in video games more so than the actual games themselves...listening to funk and jazz around the household influenced me as well. I couldn't really listen to much rap growing up since my mom thought it was a bad influence, so I got into music in the video games and a little bit of house and techno...later on I got back into hip hop/R&B.

Right now, I've been really into the deep house/soul/chillout-lounge/nu-jazz sound, and I've been trying to incorporate that with hip hop and R&B. The whole deep house sound as a whole has changed my sound; right now, I'm currently working on a couple of projects that signifies that. Being a 'indie' musician, I hope to get some tv show/commercial/movie placements with my new-found sound so that people will be able to listen and possibly become a fan of my music.

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EmCDL (Emaster Of Ceremonies, Dustin Lewis) is an up and coming music producer/songwriter/indie hip hop artist who has been into producing for years. His musical influences range from traditional hip hop and R&B, to off beat genres such as deep house, electro-funk, nu-jazz, trip-hop and chillout/lounge electronica.
At a younger age, Dustin was very into video games and video game design, but as he grew older, the music within those games moreso grabbed his attention, later building his inspiration to work in music. He started listening to hip hop and R&B, but later was influenced by jazz and funk courtesy of his mother's taste in music. Listening to various versions of techno, trance, house, drum and bass, breakbeat, and other forms of electronica solidified Dustin's reasoning for wanting to get into music; his take was to conform all of these forms of music into one, creating an epic musical listening experience for the listener.
Dustin's musical sensibility grew while he was in the Armed Forces, countlessly surrounding himself around different people and being influenced by the music that they listened to. His involvement in music suddenly became quite clear: Dustin felt that music can either enhance an existing emotion within someone, or change their feelings and emotions from one to the other. And that was the final reason as to why Dustin wanted to eventually make a career of music. After exiting the Active Army in December of 2007, Dustin decided to move from his hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia to the sunny new life in Los Angeles, California to pursue education within the music field and eventually make a career of it in the music/entertainment industry. Dustin entered the land of dreams and possiblities and continues to be motivated to make his musical ideas come to fruition.
With his abstract sounds and his random yet soulful and ambient melodies, as well as thoughtful, down to earth and conscious lyricism, EmCDL plans to not only think outside of the box, but take his whole well being out of it musically.

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