Elliot Zeitoune, has been involved with the international music industry for over 15 years. A concert pianist, he has studied at the Paris conservatory, the Toronto conservatory and the faculty of music at the University of Toronto. Fully versed in all genres of music, instrumentation and programming, Elliot has worked with and produced artists such as Love & Sas, NEZ, Collin Grant, Lana, Taboo, Larissa, Zig Zag, MTS, Baja, Cracker Jack, Sabrina, Sarina Paris, Chris Aris, Eternia, Errol Lee, Isis, Orly Cohen, Michael Ciufo and Miguel de la Bastide just to name a few as well as orchestral compositions for film and television. This continuing journey has taken Elliot from Pop to R&B, Hip Hop to Rap, Classical to Flamenco to Opera and beyond. ktpmusicgroup@gmail.com

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A recognized talent at the age of six, his father took it upon himself to teach him the piano. Upon entering the Paris conservatory, Elliot quickly gained his full potential and at the age of nine, had far surpassed anyone's expectations playing Chopin etudes with the ease of a virtuoso leading towards his final destination of Toronto, Canada. Here, he studied with the renowned professors of music Boris Berlin, Boris Lysenko and Andrew Markow. His playing flourished paving the way to performing throughout north America and Europe at the ripe age of 18.

During the next seven years, through many sabbaticals, Elliot discovered the wondrous capabilities of Midi studios embarking him on a musical adventure. Starting a small production house, writing and composition soon became his avenues for self-expression. Writing for artists such as Lovina Fox, Saskia, Collin Grant, and the True G's gave Elliot the opportunity to branch off and open his own recording facility where production and composition became a lifestyle. KTP Music Group has developed into a well established independent label and multimedia production and reproduction facility with a host of international clientele. Always keeping a classical sense in most of his work, Elliot has worked with such artists as Nez, Taboo, Larissa, Sarina Paris, Lana, Chris Aris, Errol Lee, Eternia, Zig Zag, MTS, Miguel de la Bastide, Isis, Michael Ciufo and Orly just to name a few.

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