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Chicago's Ellen Goode is a multi genre songwriter with a library of 120 songs and counting, spanning across Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, R&B, Blues, Easy listening, Love Ballads and Message songs, Smooth jazz instrumental and Adult contemporary, and Drum Groove based music that crosses into the Hip Hop realm, which she is currently developing more of. She specializes in writing on demand, and also arranges and produces her own and sometimes others’ music. She has been writing and performing her original music for over 16 years. She believes in the philosophy of "do anything for the song so it finds its way".

Having released three recordings in the 1990's, Ellen has moved on to work on her third full length solo album, as well as various demos. In 1998, she co-founded Melanie’s Waiting, an original mixed-gender band with two men and two women, where she plays drums and percussion and is one of four lead vocalists.

Ellen's music reflects a uniquely thoughtful, sensitive, and insightful soul. Listeners are emotionally drawn into her masterful, melodic ballads, full of poignant imagery and cathartic messages. Edgy declarations and rhythms in her rock songs engage audiences to sync with the beat. Her pop songs are bright and energizing, full of encouragement and power without losing their reflective and human messages. There is rare depth, clarity, intelligence, and honesty in Ellen's lyrics, and her engaging music and unique perspectives create truly powerful experiences.

Her strength and range as a songwriter is reminiscent of the classic composers of contemporary popular music, including Carole King, Chrissie Hynde, and Joni Mitchell. An accomplished percussionist and keyboard and guitar arranger, and sophisticated in studio production, Ellen's skills lend themselves to wide genres of media.

Ellen is also certified in body based psychotherapy and addictions counseling, as well as advanced and integrative bodywork therapy, and has been active in the wholistic health field for many years. Now she is focused strongly on developing her songwriting career, and all that she does musically so she can connect with a much larger audience in a meaningful way.

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