As a prod and songwriter I'am looking for industry/artists to pitch songs in pop-electronic-dance-music. I'm offer you songs that are very commersial/public/mainstream and radiofriendly.
I'm also looking for partners who would like to do remixes.
If you are interested in any matters, please contact me through this site or mail me at:
Looking forward to hear from you, best regards Peter A.

CRED: Peter A is the founder, writer, composer to the succes pop-act ESKIMOES.
Compilation-releases in more then 15 countries, including JAPAN, USA, CANADA & SCANDINAVIA. Airplay at several radiostations in Southern Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Canada & USA.
TOP 10 position at Swedish Dj-Dancechart & Germany.
Peter has also done commersial-stuff in collaboration with - SAMSUNG, E-JAY, PHILIPS, VITAMINIC & SWEDISH TELEVISION.
In the late 2003 Peter manage to sign a deal (Eskimoes) in Canada (Exclusive Canada only).
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