Eldon Jeffries has been performing live and in the studio for the past 25 years or so. At 15 years old, he started to learn to play the guitar. He was immediately interested in coming up with his own song ideas and riffs on the guitar. His first band in high school had several of their own tunes. After high school, he started playing in the nightclubs, realizing he had to play cover tunes just to get gigs. All the while the various bands over the years would stick a few of their own tunes into the set list. Eldon became disillusioned with this method of promotion and in the late 1990's purchased some home studio gear to attempt to write, arrange, perform and record his own songs. The last six years have netted numerous ideas and 20 or so completed songs with many more in the works. He is also co-writing with two former bandmates that share the same vision.

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I am currently working on some new songs to submit on Broadjam. Been laying kinda low on here as of late because I've been busy writing and recording.
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