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Eftos started 1984 with Peek, Poke & Data in C64-Basic on the famous C64. Later on that machine he came first in contact with a 3 channel SID tracker. After the C64 era he switched to the Amiga to track more stuff, 4 channel first and later in 8 channel with Octalyzer 8 Bit Tracker. In the 1990s a PC was bought and new Trackers tried. The first one was Composer 669, a 16 channel 8 Bit Tracker and later Screamtracker which Eftos descided to use as Adlib Tracker (no samples only synths). Clearly, all of the above efforts failed and just got him into composing. The next step was Windows and the awful .MID format which he edited in Midisoft recording session. It was a waste of time, too. Having learned only little about the mistake, he uses Soundfonts (Technolab) and Midisoft recording session to finish his first acceptable pieces. However, only 1 of them is still part of EFTOS.DE as of today: "Hoax Universe" (which was also the first song without looping the main lead). After all those effords he discovered the software he still uses up to now: Modplug Tracker, a 16 Bit multi-channel, instrument-supported Windows tracker based on the famous Impulse Tracker and processing the IT format. One short note here: 16 Bit Samples together with Instrument-support and the Editing advantages of a tracker is up to now unbeatable. Eftos will never use Renoise or other Editors. He is a Tracker, still. On Modplug Tracker all 19 other songs are composed. His entire work, the work of his lifetime is compressed into one CD "Local Sense Technology". Of course he did more songs, weaker as they were, they were killed entirely. There's too much music out and with this step Eftos trys not to pollute things. His latest change was discovering the DARK-Scene, wich he contributed to with a 8-Piece EP "Leadcore" consisting of (in order of relevance): "The uncrowded Nature" "Truth Nonexistence" "All a lie" "Antiverse" "Self-destruct Intelligence" "It is not" "Suiright" & "Ten Commandments". Eftos is proud to have invented the new genre "Leadcore" where a lead is base of the song, weather it is atonal, polytonal or plain. Those leads do not loop a single time throughout the song and follow strict non-repetitive rules. Also the latest songs truly get to the border of the WAV format & beyond...

After 8 years of work on his debut CD "Local Sense Technology" (1999-2006) Eftos has started composing his last CD "Art Prime" in 2006, planned release 2016. The self-set goal (one CD in a lifetime) needs further evaluation: "Essential Eftos" - the best of Eftos CD, the merging of "Local Sense Technology" and "Art Prime". This result is published through EFTOS.DE under the section "Essential".

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