Eclectic songwriter, though roots in jazz and swing, where syncopation is the thing, still love that seventies stuff though, well I was there, bet you were too, lets give this decade a future to look back on. Well if we can't do it, who else can!

Country gives us all the chance of having the story heard, in a way that we all understand. Now if I can make it swing!!
All my recordings are studio based and therefore have synthesised sounds. It's the song I am trying to sell, not the timbres in the sounds, though I do my best to flavour it all accordingly, with some of the best recordings created/produced with the help of Mark Revell, who is an all round top man.


Great songwriters and songs, as in the songs performed by Sinatra, written by Billy Joel, Hank Williams, oh Gershwin!!


Got hooked on guitar at age five, and my real joy is inventing the piece. Eclectic songwriter yes but if I was to be pinned down, my genre would be a touch of Country, with a real desire to swing. Over many years I have written many songs, and I have taken a year out to give a more serious approach to writing, as difficult an area it is to break in to, at some point we have to put our future where our heart is.

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