Born in New York Cityand with only one thing in mind...I always dreamed that every body will hear my songs...

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D'Tara's Music video will be on the air on July 2002 in Florida's Warner Brothers TV on one of the most important television show in the area.The video will be release soon to the mayor TV networks.

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Even as a young child it was easy for people to see that Dominique Tarangelo had a special gift. With an outgoing and charismatic personality as well as a tremendous voice, this little girl had "Stardom" written all over her face.

In the basement of her home, Dominique would often be found singing, dancing and performing for whom ever was willing to watch her.

Recognizing her desire to be in the spot light, Dominique's mom soon placed her four year old little girl in ballet, jazz and tap classes. Aside from dance, Dominique was involved in the school choir where she was given many soloist parts. However, her desire to be in the spotlight did not stop there.
D'Tara is a very special and unique artist
At age six, Dominique began gymnastics competitions dedicating six hours a day, seven days a week to the sport. The floor exercise was where she shined the brightest. With personality and style, Dominique stole the hearts of the on looking crowd. It was here that Olympic coach Bela Karolyi noticed her skill and placed her in the T.O.P.S. program. However, her dream of furthering a gymnastics career came to an end after becoming internally ill and it forced her to leave the sport. But fighter as she is, Dominique continued dancing on competitions and was part of the High School Dance Team and Dance Line.

In addition to this, Dominique kept singing and training her voice, at her schools choir, at the Church's choir, and performing for local fundraisers along by the side o

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