Drifting in silence is an apt description of the feeling evoked by the music of American multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge. Shimmering ambiences driven by groove rhythms and punctuated by instrumental riffs and snatches of concrete sounds irresistibly create the sensation of movement through regions of light and shadow.


Drifting in Silence Music
Derrick Stembridge, the composer and creator of Drifting in Silence, makes music whose light ambient soundscapes make the listener feel as if they are floating on clouds. In addition to composing, Stembridge also plays all instruments in his music including the guitar, bass and keyboard. Stembridge's music will take the listener for a joy ride they have never experienced before, a ride that will impact them in more ways than one.

The Sound
"Dancing washes of synths and gentle, percolating percussion...(Stembridge) employs every beat and tick as compositional elements, most finely illustrated on the sailing "Apart"."
- Aaron Ashley / XLR8R (USA) ??The Band
Derrick Stembridge, the writer and multi-instrumental composer of Drifting in Silence, creates music that incorporates groove rhythms, instrumental rifts and snatches of concrete sounds, inventing an ambient sensation of movement through regions of light and shadow. His CD Truth ranges from meditative tone poems to relaxing easy chair grooves. His song “After the Storm” was featured in the movie Remy-x. Stembridge also remixed the theme music to the new video game Maelstrom from Code Masters (www.codemasters.com/maelstrom/).


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