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Renound Founder Of D-Real Collections now D Real Entertainment; De Rhonte Owens is a native of Columbus,Ga, born February 6,1990. It is believed that De Rhonte was born musical because at the age of 3 he was able to play drums with no prior teaching or training. He went on to perform at various other churches including Faith Tabernacle FGOC now Faith Worship Center Int., New Life FGOC, South Columbus Methodist Church, Greater Shady Grove Baptist Church and Christian Valley Baptist Church. His passion is making music through any form whether it may be playing, dance, singing or music production. He currently has a small home studio in which he engages in music production, graphic designs, songwriting and much more. He is a professional drummer intuned to various genres in the music arena. He has participated in the school band program since the 6th grade and has served as the percussion captian for the drumline at Jordan High School. He is currently employed full time at Faith Worship Center Int. where he enjoys spending most of his free time giving back to god. He has recently started an entertainment company which will give artist, musicians, dancers, and producers a chance to be noticed and also teach and equip them with the skills needed to be successful. His writing staff "Lyriks"; a team of 4 is responsible for future songs, tracks, and all D Real Entertainment management. If there are any further questons feel free to contact "Lyriks' via Yankeeboy_Ny@yahoo.com

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He has played for various singing groups and nation wide recording artist which has allowed him to travel around the world meeting great musicians like Calvin Rodgers, Mike Clemons, Dennis Chambers, Tony Royster, Kevin Lamar, Abe Poythress and many more! His biggest gig was when he played for Twinkie Clark at the Bringin' It Back Home Conference June 23-26, 2005. His second biggest gig was when he played for Miles Draper and the Y&S Choral: his first live recording. He enjoys spending his free time engaged in music or helping the community.He currently plays at Faith Worship Center Int. full time where he enjoys spending most of his free time giving back to god.

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