Downbeat Switch is a five piece rock band from Richmond, Va with a passion for music, life and positivity. The band's musical styles range anywhere from funk. rock, reggae, jazz, and even folk and hip hop. Using extensive instrumental vamping with a jam band mindset, DbS also incorporates rhythmically oriented vocal harmonies and lead vocal alternating to help create their diverse sound. They've been performing together since 2002, and there is no end in sight for the enthusiastic group. Downbeat Switch has released three self-produced full length albums since 2004, and the most recently released 8 song EP which is entitled: "The Red Door Sessions". This features the newest addition to the group, Jenna B. on vocals. All the full length albums can be downloaded on iTunes and purchased through CDBaby and at live shows.


Downbeat Switch is a band of friends with a passion for music, life, and positivity. The group was founded in the Summer of 2002 in Mathews, VA by Wayne (bass) and Meredith (guitar, vocals). They moved to Richmond, VA for college that Summer and began playing with another Mathews High School friend, Michael Register (drums), who had also moved to Richmond for school. They began jamming and recording in Meredith's basement beneath his apartment in the Fan district of downtown Richmond. They soon met Bryan Clark (vocals), a Richmond-born vocalist whom they met through Meredith's sister. The band recorded and mixed their first L.P. entitled "Funk Shui", that was comprised of raw demo songs compiled on one disk which they released on June 29th, 2004. Blending rock, funk, reggae, jazz, hip hop, and folk in an eclectic ensemble of riffs, melodies, and grooves. With rhythms from the Caribbean, to Southern rock break downs, Downbeat Switch became known for their quick changes, tight rhythmic melodies, scat-like vocal harmonies, and high-energy live shows around Virginia.
In 2005, Doug DeForge (keyboard, turntables), another Mathews, VA native joined the band and the band recorded a follow-up album entitled: "Seconds", which they released on July 6th of 2005. Downbeat Switch continued to tour around Virginia and North Carolina for the following three years until Doug left the band in the Fall of 2008. Tommy Vinson (keyboard), another Richmond-born musician and friend of Meredith's joined the group in the Winter of 2008. They began writing and recording in their new studio they had built in the West End of Richmond at Wayne and Meredith's house.
Downbeat Switch released their third self-produced album entitled: "Run from the Sun" on June 5th, 2009. During the recording sessions of "Run from the Sun", the band brought in a talented female guest vocalist named Jenna Bayly, to add backup vocals to a few tracks on the album. She worked out beautifully in the songs she was on, and the band asked her to start performing shows with the group full time.
In the Winter of 2010, Bryan left the group after 7 years as the frontman, and Jenna stepped up to become the lead vocalist with Meredith and Tommy singing backup. She brought a whole new sound and image to the band, and inspired the group to embark on a different level of musicianship. Jenna strived to diversify the sound and lyrics on new songs, while also staying true to the rich harmonies with Meredith that the band had always been known for. DbS continues to play and write music for diverse audiences all over thanks to open minded fans everywhere.

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