Doug Cannon's music is deeply rooted in R&B and blues. It features impassioned tenor sax, burning guitar and soulful piano, along with an upbeat rhythm. section.

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Swing was an integral part of Doug Cannon's hard-driving tenor saxophone attack long before the term assumed such vast retro appeal with a new generation of nimble jitterbuggers.
As the resident horn specialist for the Vanessa Davis Band-one of Chicago's top-drawing attractions throughout the 1980s and well into the next decade-Cannon's blazing breaks and crisp fills were integral to the combo's dynamic R&B-rooted appeal. While Vanessa tore up the audience with her raucous antics, Doug readied himself for another rafter-rattling sax solo, often hiking the excitement level even higher in the process-no small feat considering Davis's wildly energetic stage presence.
Somewhere along the line, Doug felt an acute need to stretch out under his own power, to proceed in more ambitious and often jazzier directions that retain their staunch rhythm and blues base and frequently swing like crazy. Having first gotten his feet wet as a bandleader fronting Doug Cannon & the Rockets, the saxist knows the responsibilities and rewards that arise from calling his own shots. Here he can create his own music and present it his own way.
Doug's debut album brilliantly summarizes his solo concept. It also reunites him with four former mates from the VDB, each of them as experienced a bandstand denizen as their horn-toting leader. Guitarist Dick Vonachen, pianist Scott Grube and inexorably swinging drummer Greg Bigger were founding members of the Davis band, their credentials as blues-playing aces

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