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Mr. Bungle,Frank Zappa,Fugazi,Miles Davis


[(doh FEE sus) n.] is the innovation of three inspired individuals with the common drive to conceive sincere and inventive music with character and impact. Dave Cupp (guitars, vocals), Ezra Waller (drums, vocals) and Tom Smith (bass) have been captivating Cincinnati audiences with their own unique brand of psychedelic post-punk and mind-blowing live performances for the past three years. Imagine the technical sophistication and eccentricity of British progressive groups like King Crimson, presented in an endearingly organic, post-punk format a la Fugazi and The Minutemen, then peppered with moments of free-jazz inspired improvisation. Add elements of surf, funk, blues and Zappa-esque vocals for a stew that is unpredictably tasty and unmistakably Dophesus. In April 2002, the band released their most recent effort, Opium Cunningham on Essence of Now Records. The thirteen song opus has garnered a wealth of enthusiastic reviews as well as regional college-radio airplay.

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Clean Clean

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