Born: August 12, 1959 - Miami, OK

From the age of 18, Don has been learning music. He's been the lead singer/guitar player for several gigging garage bands over the years; such as The Forecast, The Ecstatics and Goggleye etc.. Unfortunately, none of these bands ever really took off, due to the lack of proper management and/or constant personnel problems. The closest he ever came to any kind of fame was in the mid nineties when Goggleye was the local opening act for such greats as Kansas and Blackfoot.

Don is a self taught singer, songwriter and guitar player. His music creations are usually the result of some personal experience or at the request of a close friend or family member. He has written many songs over the years; the majority of which have been well received by audiences and are definite billboard material. Upbeat, timeless, old fashioned downhome music for the soul. You're sure to enjoy!

"I'm like Van Gogh. One ear short of greatness.", he likes to say!!!!
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