DLK or 355, which ever you prefer. D.L.K. is an acronym for Down Low Killaz. A name that perfectly describes the group as a whole, musically and physically. They consist of five members, Scotch, Shame, Hasaan Hussein, J-Stakes, and Sheeda Raw. To simply describe their music, the hood! It's as simple as that. DLK was a name they earned from coming up in South Philly putting in work. They are so deeply rooted with SPeezy(South Philly), that it's almost a double edged sword. The hood is what inspires them to make the type of music they make, but on the flip side it could actually be their down fall. Two of the members are currently serving jail sentences. J-Stakes in a state facility(update!!!!!Stakes is home). Hasaan Hussein in a federal prison. With Sheeda Raw working with an all female group Da 55 Squad, that leaves Scotch and Shame doing most of the material for their upcoming underground release "ONCE UPON A TIME IN PHILADELPHIA." If you are looking for an album with cheesy hooks and abc lyrics? Don't bother with this album. But if you are looking for a new group to bring a breath of fresh air, that could put the rap game back in it's proper perspective? DLK might be the new thing you are searching for. On July 8th 2007, Shame was gunned down by Philadelphia police officers. Suffering from over 20 gunshot wounds, he passed away. I'm numb right now, physically and musically. It's like I don't even know where to begin. One thing I do know is he really wants me to continue with the music but that itself seems like a task. How can I go into the studio without my nigga. Even on the days I laid solo shit, I could call him up like "yo u wouldn't believe the shit i just laid."It's like 50% of my motivation died on the day he was told to return to his creator. Now I have to dig deep to find wat's left in me to continue this shit we started so that the world can hear and feel his pain, his joy, his art, his life. I miss you my nigga, and I promise the world is gonna feel ya shit. Scotch(dlk) CONTACT INFORMATION: SCOTCH, dlk355@verizon.net/610-716-9386 GET YOUR COPY OF "ONCE UPON A TIME IN PHILADELPHIA"

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