I started making weird and strange noises in my bedroom as a teenager and as my parents became more and more concerned and after much pleading and begging they decided to buy me my first synthesizer-well two actually ( a casio cz5000 and a Kawai k1mk2) and a drum machine.
Strange noises continued to emanate from my bedroom- but at least they knew what was making them.
Nowdays i mostly sit in my bedroom (well, spare bedroom really) and continue to make weird and wonderful noise- much to my neighbours bemusement ,except this time i use a mouse-no,not a real cheese eating,squeaking mouse , but a Computer one.
I play a little piano-as i only have small fingers,have had some production and engineering experience,and am now trying to use all of my years of experience to form all the noise i usually make into something that resembles a hit record so i can retire and live in a big mansion in Cheshire, near to all the OK magazine's B-List celebrities.


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Hi, hope you make us contacts, just to let you know that if you ever need any production or mastering work on your songs, just get in touch. You can check out our work for other Broadjam members either on our Broadjam page or out main site www.strproductions.org.uk
so far we have worked and helped over 130 other broadjam members with either full re-mix, production and mastering work.

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ziplok.us ziplokus@gmail.com

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