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"Who is Divida?" Divida Loca, born as Domianna Lee lets out a thunderous laugh. " She is who everyone else sees me as I guess". Born in Madison, WI on January 22nd of 1994, life growing up was "stereotypical ". A troubled home, an absent father due to prison, and a mother with a drug addiction was the normalcy. For Divida, there was no silver spoon in sight. In fact, she took upon the most challenging yet most rewarding responsibility one could face, she began to raise herself. She started her career in middle school, as a singer. "I didn't pick music, it picked me". After attempting to write a verse and receiving great feedback, Divida decided to put aside her singing abilities and follow her dreams of becoming a legendary M.C. This of course, called for Divida to create her own "music- making" environment. She can't really work all that well in a lot of noise or a cluttered space, she prefers to write in her phone or the old fashion way with a pen and paper, and most importantly, she has to be in the mood. After magic has been made she prepares to go on stage becoming nervous, anxious, and ready to give her all. As a performer Divida is always in search of a positive audience response. "Good music isn't good without a good audience" she says. In pursuing this, her hopes are to change lives, to be relate-able, and to make people love her music as much as she does. "Nothing comes to a sleeping man besides dreams" which Tupac Shakur said the best. The above is Divida's favorite quote which she applies to herself everyday. She is now a signed solo artist with Get Rich Records and is currently prepping her highly anticipated debut entitled "I Love Loca".

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