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?Feel the ache til it hits home/Let it cut down to the bone/I?ll be anything but numb.?

As the title track on her debut album suggests, songwriter and San Francisco native Diona Devin is ?Anything But Numb.? Wholly in tune with her emotions and her voice as a writer, Devin guides listeners through an exploration of discovery and truth.

A lifelong musician dating back to her days in grade school, Diona Devin moved to Nashville, TN to fully immerse herself in the craft of songwriting and continue her creative journey. She has had the opportunity to write with some of the most established and successful songwriters in the industry. Each step has allowed Diona to continually hone her craft and has led her to the completion of her first full-length album, Anything But Numb.

Diona?s sultry, smoky voice draws the listener in with exposed nerve earnestness and longing, pushing the listener to not only hear the songs but to feel them. The vulnerability and confessional approach to writing allows her to explore the frailty of the human condition with truth and understanding. The result of her unfiltered, pure style of writing is an intimacy and resonance in her lyrics- an expressed ?collective soul.?

The diversity of her skills as a writer allows Diona to connect with a wide spectrum of audience. She balances a straightforward Rock sound with an acoustic roots base that is reminiscent of other notable female singer/songwriters. As comfortable writing for others as she is for herself, Diona is able to write in a range of styles, each of which maintains and represents the proficiency of the writer. The integrity of Diona?s songwriting elicits an emotional response in the listener, allowing them to let the numbing effects of daily life melt away and creating an environment conducive to being in touch with life?s lessons and gifts.


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