Born into a world they did not create, four mutants collectively known as DIGIBOT desperately attempt to make sense of it all. Bastardized man-chines T-BOT, SHMANDROID, HOMEBORG, and BORT struggle musically between their shared humanity and their inherent programming. Perhaps attributable to their conflicted nature, the Digiboys sonically alternate between random blasts of chaotic chordage and laser beams of focused fury. Come see them stick it to The Man as well as The Machine at a cyber-dive near you.

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DIGIBOT has proudly entered our album "Brutal" and also the singles "Satellite" and "U Luv W" in the Madison Area Music Awards annual contest. If you like what you hear please support the MAMAs (it's a good cause that helps fund school music programs) and cast a vote for the 'bot!
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