I'm a Chicago girl at heart, although I love Southern Cal, which is where I've lived for 14 years. I have recently become a wife and a mother and am blown away with how amazingly rich it is. My writing is expanding and exploding with every new experience. I feel so passionate about being able to wake up everyday inspired about what I do. My favorite things to do are to spend time laying on the floor with my baby girl gazing in her eyes smiling and laughing with her, giggling with my husband over the silly jokes we tell each other and hanging out in the studio tooling over the production of a new song or writing a brand new song on post its in the wee hours of the morning. I'm learning to embrace all the ups and downs life brings~ to know that when I'm down the wave is just moments (or days) away from riding its way up again. And for those yummy moments, I am always right here waiting.

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I have just completed "Heal", my latest song~ about that never ending hole we try to fill with relationships and love!
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