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The Del Mar Boys are almost ready to record their cd. Everyone rejoice!

A History of the DMBs

It was the year two-thousand and six, and in the rest of the country, the leaves were turning brown; autumn was approaching. But, in the deep south, a great moment in human history happened. Two lads from Petal High School, Tommy D, and Tyler B. were in need of two strongly men to join them in their ways of music. Two such men appeared, Chris S. and Bill E. they were just what the doctor ordered. No sooner than they had their first practice, they were on track to play a little house party for the coming Halloween.
The party went without a hitch. The winter closed in, and the Del Mar Boys faced their first true hurdle of bandlieness. Four months passed, no practice. Then finally, on one beautiful March day, the Boys received and invitation to play with Glasgow!, a band from the New Orleans area. The Boys practiced their hearts out for a month solid. They wrote a whole albums worth of material. The day finally came. March 30th, 2007.
The Boom Boom Room was a bit stifling, but the DMBs persisted through the heat and humidity to set up. 11:00 rolled around, the Boys very anxious. Chris announce " We're the Del Mar Boys." The rest is history...

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Clean Clean

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