Teen-Themed Pop: Major network needs instrumentals and vocals

ID: FT10AR02    Posted February 4, 2010
Looking For: Pop and Pop Rock vocals touching on teen themes, instrumentals appropriate for "teen" moments.
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
TV Show Genre: Documentary

Description: Celebrities reflect on their lives as teenagers, recounting tales from their teens and touching on themes such as dating, prom, cars, embarrassing moments, first kisses,and so on. They're looking for songs that touch on these themes as well as instrumentals for mood.

The music supervisors for this opportunity work for a well-known cable music network. They're looking for tracks that serve the purpose of moving shows along, often using them to transition between scenes. This provider has licensed over 135 songs from Broadjam members that have submitted to their opportunities.

The budget for licensing and sync payments for this show varies. Due to the popularity of the network music usages are often on gratis terms, however this show has a larger budget than normal.

These supervisors also work on other projects for this popular music network and your song(s) may be considered for programs other than this show.

Not every project has been announced publicly, so if your music is licensed, make sure you have permission before you announce the name of any of this network's programs.

Project Details

  • Deal Type: Non-Exclusive
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