Music licensing is a highly competitive area of the music business, but everyone deserves a fair shot. All Music Licensing Opportunities on Broadjam are open to every musician that wants to be considered, making it a level playing field for all. Every day on Broadjam you can find plenty of Opportunities for your music, covering every style and genre.

How The Process Works

  • You submit your song(s) to a Music Licensing Opportunity. Add an optional note for the Provider along with each song, and choose if you want each song to start at a particular spot. You can keep track of all Music Licensing Opportunity submissions in your "My Licensing Submissions" page - each Opportunity in this section includes a timeline which shows when your songs are listened to, what was selected/considered, and more pertinent information.
  • After the submission deadline and before the expected decision date, the Provider logs into Broadjam and plays all submitted songs. The Provider will determine if they are selecting songs or not, and update the status of the Opportunity, at which time all submitters will receive an email notification.
  • If the Provider selects your song(s), they will send you a direct message through Broadjam mail (this is required of all Providers for all artists selected in an Opportunity).
  • If the Provider is classified as either "independent" or "song plugger", they are required to pitch selected songs using Broadjam's Song Transmit mechanism. When this occurs, all selected artists will receive an email notification.