Electronic: Skateboard/Snowboard videos need music - Round 2

ID: FT09GG10    Posted October 31, 2009
Looking For: Electronic songs and instrumentals.
Similar Artist: The Rapture
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes, but clean or edited versions are preferred
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
Budget: $75-$125 per track

Description: A media production company that regularly produces different snowboard and skateboard has an ongoing need for music. They produce up to ten videos a month and distribute them over the internet, so they need a lot of songs. The videos are editorial-based and are not pay-per-download or a part of a member-based fee site. The videos are typically action packed with skateboarding and snowboarding, but sometimes feature interviews or more story boarded style videos. The budget per track is not significantly large, but it's a great opportunity for exposure and some additional revenue.

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  • Deal Type: Non-Exclusive
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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