Television Background Soundtracks

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Genre: All

Posted: Jan 12, 2018

Deadline: Mar 31, 2018

Category: TV

This is a Broadjam Guaranteed Opportunity. The provider of this Opportunity has guaranteed that at least one song will be selected or everyone that submits will receive a free credit to submit to another Opportunity.

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Great instrumentals that can work as background music. We need tracks that build tension, show sweetness, give release, and more. If you have an instrumental that sounds contemporary and beautiful, intense or exciting, we're looking for your best.

Please make sure that the language in the songs are television-friendly (or have a clean version available). Instrumentals are accepted and welcomed.

Tinderbox has a close relationship with the producers of several shows on the Discovery Channel. Broadjam artists are on TV every single week because of the work that Tinderbox does to promote these tracks and Broadjam artists are guaranteed to be selected!

Opportunity ID: FT0118E6