All styles of songs for an action/adventure film: Music needed for film

ID:     Posted April 16, 2009
Looking for: Songs that deal with greed or people turning on each other. They're also looking for any uptempo songs and instrumentals that might be fitting for an action film.
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
Movie Genre: Action/adventure/sci-fi

Description: "Three bounty hunters stage an ambush on a known criminal. But as they rush into the stone building where the suspect is known to be hiding, they each meet their end at the hands of their prey - The story pays respect to the classic tales of western mythology and its character archetypes. There is the lone gunman, the anti-hero, who finds himself always on the edge of darkness. Bound to a life of greed, he sets off on a quest to attain the unattainable. Joining him on his journey is the thief. A man who is much more than what he appears to be and who holds a secret so valuable that many have pursued him across the galaxy just to discover it. And finally, the mercenary. A man with a reputation for always seeing the job through once he has been paid. Together, these three fortune hunters will seek to best each other in their quest to claim the ultimate prize."

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