Chicken and Seafood breader ad: $10,000 to the artist that is selected

ID: FTA1262    Posted March 30, 2009
Looking for: Two authentic southern-fried songs for 60 second radio ads. They want an authentic, down-home, rural southern acoustic treatment with a male vocalist with an authentic southern accent. The vocalist and style must appeal as much or more to southern African Americans as it does to Caucasians. Please avoid banjos, bluegrass or cowboy music.
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: No
Format: 60 second Radio ad (Must be precise)

Description: House-Autry Breaders (Autry pronounced "AW" "Tree" like Gene Autry) seeks two simple evocative songs about southern-fried chicken and seafood (i.e. fish) for radio/TV ads to run across the Southern U.S. Up to six finalists will be selected for focus group tests and paid $500 each within about one month after submissions close. About one month after that, the winning singer/songwriter can receive $10,000 for broadcast-ready production of 12 total versions (see below). The artist who is selected agrees in advance to a complete buyout of all songs and performances in perpetuity for all uses, known and unknown.

Additional requirements:
Artists will initially need to submit only two 60 second versions of the song - one for fried breaded chicken and one for fried breaded seafood (i.e. fish). The song and music bed can be the same for both songs, but will require somewhat different lyrics.

The artist who is ultimately selected for the ad campaign must produce 12 broadcast-ready variations of the songs. Three variations will be required for each Chicken, Seafood as well as 2 southern baked products. House-Autry will determine which products and which copy points to put in the southern baked commercials at a later date. The required versions for each product are as follows:
  • A 60 second version for radio.
  • A 45/15 version for radio (45 second song with voice, and a 15 second instrumental only section for local voice-overs).
  • A 30 second version for TV & radio.

Points that you must make in the lyrics:
  • 3-4 total mentions of the House-Autry name in 60 seconds
  • A catchy jingle as part of the song, using these exact words: "House-Autry Seafood Breader makes it fry a little better." Replace "Seafood" with "Chicken" for chicken song.
  • "House-Autry: the choice of southern cooks since 1812" (this should be spoken at the end of the commercial by the lead singer.)
  • Fries up light
  • Fries up crispy or crisp
  • Memory: for example, "I remember" or "Just like we used to do" or "Back then", etc.
  • Happy memories and good times (this can be evoked indirectly)
  • For seafood only, mention hushpuppies.

Songs will be selected for:
  • Triggers happy sensory memories (joy, taste, smell, sound, sight, etc.)
  • Authentically southern voice, music, story, and feel
  • Appeals to African Americans and Caucasians
  • Feels like a song, not an ad
  • Catchy tune and jingle, traditional, not trendy
  • House-Autry name recognition.

For more inspiration, check out the video images below and a description of The Southern Fried Experience.

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