Country, Americana, Pop and Rock songs: Stop-motion animated show needs songs

ID: FTA1248    Posted March 13, 2009
Looking for: Songs with great family or teamwork / work together type lyrics in the Rock, Pop, Alt Country, and hip Americana realms. Also looking for great songs with a cool road lyric - think "On the Road Again", "Route 66", "Born To Be Wild", etc.
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
TV Show Genre: Stop-motion animated show

Description: This new TV show targeted towards kids follows the Martin family and their perpetual road trip around the country in their RV/Mobile Dentist Office. When the series begins, the Martins board their toothbrush-topped RV (and mobile dentist office) to leave suburbia behind and embark on a cross country adventure.

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