Debalto dabbles in the possibilities, bends roots-rock, mixes fundamental/experimental, and respects a well-written song. Scratching at the doors of all recorded music, they’re musical mutts. They’ll complicate all they’ve heard to create funky-folk ballads, grunge-love songs, country jazz, or maybe just another well written rock song. They don’t just play their instruments, they work them.

Debalto records and engineers their own songs, believing that these processes are just as important to the essence of the music as is the song-writing itself.

Debalto believes you have to able play live what you record. These are not some generic half-time show spots. We want the crowd to experience the music as it is supposed to be experienced - Live. Excess adrenaline + some alcohol + some well-written songs that long for approval from an energetic crowd . Our motto: Always let them see you sweat, just don’t stink up the place.
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