Welcome to my homepage and thanks for your interest. Last year was a great year. Three of my songs, "You Set Me Free", "Where Is Their Love", and "I'm No Angel", made it to the Top 10 on www.Broadjam.com. Thanks to you, the listener, "Where Is Their Love" and "You Set Me Free" went to #1. Again, thanks to you, "Where Is Their Love" stayed at #1 for 10 straight weeks! More music is on the way. Visit the various pages on my website and while you're there say hello or leave a message on the guestbook page. I encourage you to download any and all of my songs and share them with your friends.
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February, 2010
We've moved to Texas! I was born and raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so it's like coming home. We just got settled into our new digs and a new recording studio. So look forward to hearing some new music soon.


I grew up in a rural setting in Euless, Texas, which is in between Dallas and Fort Worth. It was a great place for a boy to grow up who loved hunting, fishing, and motorcycle riding. My neighborhood had several great families who took an interest in the neighborhood kids and did all they could to nurture us and give us a great place to grow up. A really good friend and next-door neighbor two years older than me started playing the drums in the junior high school band. Being a good friend I asked him if he would teach me to play the drums and he said sure, why not. He started teaching me how to play and I loved it. My parents quickly took note of how totally peaked my interest was at playing the drums so they bought me my own pair of drumsticks and practice pad. It was the summer of my sixth grade year. I played like there was no tomorrow. I practiced for hours on end what seemed like every day. My parents watched me grow and saw that I was serious about my playing so they bought me a drum set that next year for Christmas. I was blown away, totally blown away. It was a brand new Ludwig 5-piece drum kit in the coolest blue-swirl color. It came with three Zildjian cymbals and a Zildjian high-hat. It sounded great! I worked really hard to learn everything I could about playing the drums. I played in all the school bands during Jr. High School, took private lessons and learned to play pretty well by the age of 15. I played in concert bands, stage bands, rock bands, and marching bands. My least favorite, I must say, was marching band. I hated the uniforms but loved the drum cadences and sounds.
As I mentioned earlier I had great neighbors. By the time I was in 8th grade I was into guitars too. My parents had bought me both an acoustic and an electric guitar with, of course, a huge amplifier that stood almost as tall as I did. Needless to say, I rocked my neighborhood growing up. There were times when my friends would come over because they could hear me playing all the way from a friend's house. My friend, Bart, lived a quarter mile away! Looking back on it that must have been loud, really loud. My neighbors, however, never once complained. Now that's nurturing neighbors.

Music is definitely my passion. I have done several different things over the years. I try to keep educating myself, honing my craft. Lord willing, I will continue doing this for many more years to come.

-ASCAP Songwriter
-Songwriting contract with Crowe Entertainment 2006-2009
-Sang background vocals with Glen Campbell on his 1986 Christmas Television Special
-Television credits for writing, performing, and producing the music for three television clay animation spots for the Christian Broadcasting Network from 1990-91
-Have had three songs "Where Is Their Love", "You Set Me Free", and "I'm No Angel" reach the top 10 on www.broadjam.com with "Where Is Their Love" and ""You Set Me Free" reaching #1
-Have been a recording studio musician since 1985


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