Dave Coffin's musical journey into the acoustic singer songwriter world started at nine years old when he received his first guitar. It was an American Fender Stratocaster (not acoustic) given to him by his father, who would sing "Sweet Baby James" to him every night before going to sleep; while his mother choreographed dances with his stuffed animals to classical music. This is all very sweet, but Dave's musical tastes went by the way of Greenday, and his earliest band experiences were driven by hardcore music. Dave Matthews entered the musical arena and changed Dave's musical sensibilities for good.

The independent spirit of writing songs on his own, and the comfort of the acoustic guitar lead Coffin to the singer songwriter genre; writing songs and recording them for over 6 years. College brought him from the rural roads of Maine to Boston, where he began his pursuit of music, following in the footsteps of his fellow Mainers and musical influences Ellis Paul and Patty Griffin. Co

Sounds Like: John Mayer, Amos Lee


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