Corey Whitmore, better known as C-Dub or Dash D.U.B. is the founder and owner of the Milwaukee-based independent record label Duce Duce Entertainment. Dash D.U.B is not only an emcee but a songwriter, producer, and studio engineer. Born in Harrisburg, PA, Dash has lived up and down the east coast and in the Midwest, in Maine, Maryland, Illinois, and Madison, Wisconsin, before starting his music career in Milwaukee, WI. While attending college at Marquette University, Dash D.U.B was an intern at a local independent record label called BNN. After gaining experience there, he decided to officially start his own record label called Duce Duce Entertainment in the year of 2005. The first studio Duce Duce Ent operated out of was located near the streets of 22nd and Wells in Milwaukee, hence the name Duce Duce!!

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My last project was Black Heart 3 part 1 & 2. Please take the time to check it out. If like my music please subscribe to sites below and check out my soundcloud ->


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