A Multi-Instrumental Studio Owner adept at all Genre and although I list as a studio performer I bring the feel of Live performance to the sound captured. Expertise involves solo guitar playing in Electric and fingerstyle acoustic alternate tunings, playing in the style of Chicago Electric Blues and Alex deGrassi respectively.

Well versed on several Instruments, predominantly Guitar, then Korg Trinity Pro V3 workstation, Bass, Blues Harp, and Violin. I feel right at home on the opposite side of mix console, Arranging, Songwriting and look forward to an oportunity to get involved in film scoring. I have completed CD projects available online at CD Baby and through most digital download sites like Napster, iAppletunes, Sony connect, Rhapsody etc.if you want to buy by the song or album. I will write infinitum even after Hit Song status. Main love is listener enjoyment and making music.

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I am now leading a scorching Blues Quartet. To feel the heat visit the band page


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Anyone into textures and emotion stirring Ideas.


My Brothers, SRV, Eric Clapton, Ed Gerhard, Alex deGrassi, Kitaro, My Daughter, My Wife.


Since early childhood I have always felt most at home in musicmaking and entertaining. Be it Five Years of age and crooning neighborhood girls with Elvis gyrations to James Brown at tender age of Nine. I still remember getting my first 45 RPM recording of The Thrill is Gone/BB King and wearing it out.

By early Teens I Played in so many bands I can't keep count (although my favorite was the SwampWater Blues Band W/ Bob Zarrella,Dave Grandmont and Paul Delahanty).

Just a young man I get picked up by Luther "Snakeboy" Johnson and the ride gets wild. I'm on a national tour and sharing stage with everyone I grew up listening to. This was the best learning period for me and I continued it with USO Shows in the USAF. Session music studies with Mike Ihde of Berklee School of Music fame. Workshops with Alex deGrassi, a chance meeting and short study with Flamenco Guitarist Jonathan "Juanito" Pascual.

I learn constantly from my own teaching and seeing how students respond to my ideas (it seems to act like a reverberation for me where I see what's most effective) and ride it like hangin ten on the big Kahuna.

Right now I feel the best place for me is to write as much as I can and try to pass the torch along in the relay race of sound and providing music enjoyment to all I meet.

Still an oven1

To this day I play every note like it's the one that will grab the attention of the audience. I love to play to the crowd and get the feedback from the listeners. Whether I'm in the studio or on the stage, it is all meant to evoke a feeling in someone out there that will make for a memorable moment.

Darryl Hill



Multiple Top Tens from two cuts

I'm excited by the reviews and the Top Ten listings that are happening for song titles "Two Towers" and "Seascape". Both cuts are featured on my album "Journeys on the Ivory Keys for Relaxing and Awakening Chi".
Two Towers has been in the Top 10 list on six different occasions and in five different categories. Some of the reviewers stated they could have listened to another ten minutes if I extended it, it was so nice. I watched the reviews of Seascape follow in the tracks of Two Towers and sure enough I knew it was also heading to the top 10 and yes it has made it three times. If you like New Age Meditative music this album will surely please the ears. Nice photos too.

microwave oven

"Blues Listeners and fans throughout the audience rose in their seats like bread being baked in a microwave oven set on maximum" review from circa 1978 USAF Journal

DARRYL HILL Session Musician

Darryl Hill is a multi-instrumental home studio owner that is based on Korg/Fender/Taylor Pro Equipment. Available for any music project from start to finish and include package and promotion in the highest caliber of professionalism.

Darryl Hill

Darryl Hill has performed on National Tours with the Late "Luther Snakeboy Johnson" and is available for your Venue.


Early 70's national tours with the late " Luther Snakeboy Johnson " and USAF tours in Tops in Blue Shows etched a love for performing that will always be the drive behind the music. I'm always striving for the best presentation.

Visit me at http://www.darryljhill.com to hear my music or
send Email to darrylhill56@comcast.net for mailing list and tour news.

Don't forget to check out my CD's at CD Baby visit

Electronic Press Kit

anyone interested in booking info can copy and paste into the address bar my EPK at the following site http://www.sonicbids.com/darrylhill

House Concerts

My new album "Out Of The Box" is a fingerstyle guitar album that has a format that works best in small settings such as parlor music scenarios.

I would like to extend the offer to anyone interested in hosting a house concert that I would assist in organizing the event. These are very popular now with folk artists to supplement coffee house shows. Feel free to contact me.
Darryl Hill

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