"Like Evanescence penned by Dio" - Rue-morgue Magazine.

"That was my anti-valentine show and your song NIGHTMARE was just perfect for it!!" - EMZT Radio, Northern, California.

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My latest band is called Famous underground, featuring Juno Award winning vocalist Nick Walsh of Slick Toxic.

Watch for my new 2011 band, Creeping Beauty!

In 2008, I was a scholarship recipient to Guitar Workshop Plus with instructors such as Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, and Sue Foley.

In 2009, I was invited to audition for platinum-selling Canadian artist Fefe Dobson - Twice!

Thanks to Broadjam users for voting my song
"Blue-Eyed Suicide" to the #6 Gothic song!

Darren Michael Boyd -- BIO

DARREN MICHAEL BOYD is a modern artist dedicated to passion and creativity, in music, literature, and life.

At the age of 17 he recorded his first independently released album, "Young Offenders", with a heavy metal band called PURGATORY. Boyd wrote 7 of the 8 songs on the album, many which received regular radio airplay. Over several years, the same band morphed into BOOMERANG, a hard rock act that would end up touring extensively across Canada and the United States, take first place in the Ontario Band Warz against 17 other acts, and record their debut album as BOOMERANG, "Well...You Know". Other high points of Boyd's time with BOOMERANG included being featured regularly in Metal Edge magazine, opening many shows for Canada's metal queen, LEE AARON, England's GIRLSCHOOL, KILLER DWARFS, BRIGHTON ROCK, HELIX, and many other stars of the day.

When Boomerang had disbanded in the mid 90's, Boyd took some time off from touring to attend college in central Florida for his other obsession, Zoology. After graduating at the top of his class, he returned home to Canada and started his business, The Reptile Rainforest.

He wasted no time getting back into original music, and In 2001, BLACK JU-JU was born. The debut CD "UNIVERSAL ASSHOLE" was released in 2002. Soon after, BLACK JU-JU landed an international distribution deal with a Chicago label, and have received glowing reviews from all over the world.

In 2007, Boyd parted ways with Black Ju-Ju (although remains close friends with his former bandmates). He left to pursue another creative musical vision:


This new Goth/Power-Pop band is currently working in the recording studio on their debut CD "Creeping Beauty", which will be released in 2009.

Please check out THE wHORROR at www.myspace.com/thewhorrorcanada

In the summer of 2008, Boyd was the recipient of a scholarship to Guitar Workshop Plus in Toronto, with some of the best players in the business as instructors, including Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, and Sue Foley.

In addition to being a musician, Darren has always been an avid writer. He has had over 100 articles published from 2004-2008. His specialty is writing for pet magazines, and has been published by REPTILES, PET PRODUCT NEWS, MENAGERIE MAGAZINE, SIRS PUBLISHING INC., and PET CITY. Boyd is currently working on a reptile-based book and is also making every effort to branch out into fiction.

As for music, Darren Michael Boyd is available for a touring or studio position with the right band: Guitar OR Bass.
Will play anywhere, anytime. Call him...

Thanks for reading - and rocking!


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