"It's like fake trees and plastic parades!"

Dan Spencer

In Youngstown, Ohio, singer/songwriter Dan Spencer created a style of music that was something new and refreshing of his own. It was something that was a reflection of who he was as a person. In may of 2003, he brought in Jason Latimer to help create this vision he had. They became Jay and Dan unplugged and hit the acoustic coffee house scene. After several successful performances, Dan decided it was time to take their sound to the next level by forming The Redlights in February of 2004. This band shortly became everything Dan could imagine. This sound he had created could be heard together for the first time in the flesh. The sound became one of a kind - a mix of pop, rock, and power that can withstand the test of time. The band later signed a local indie record contract and a management contract with Horizon in NY. The band had some solid years together but in September of 2006 Dan decided to leave the redlights to pursue a solo career. With an ever-dying original music scene in Ohio, Dan decided too take his music nationwide through the internet. His song "The way it was before" was licensed for the hollywood movie "Tied in Knots" in August of 2008 and his song "Come with me" was licensed for the film "Scalpel" in early 2009. He is currently fronting the pop alternitive band "Rustbelt City" while taking his solo music in different direction with the genre of Electronic Pop. It's a new adventure and journey for him so why don't you come along for the ride...

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