Acoustic/electric guitar instrumental with elements of rock, folk and jazz.

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Dan Pokorni

Dan Pokorni is a Chicago-area guitarist/songwriter who divides his time between teaching, composing and performing. After years of playing in bands, which included arranging original guitar parts and co-writing with others, he finally decided in 2004 to buy a home studio and lay down some tracks. What started as an experiment in recording evolved into a full-blown project, and the result is GUITARSCAPES, which features a variety of styles including elements of rock, folk and jazz. “Shakir” received an Honorable Mention in the VH1 Song of the Year Contest (2005) and has been forwarded by TAXI. A cd of new music is in the works for 2007.

"Drivin' Without Lights" has been played by WXPN (Philadelphia). Songs from GUITARSCAPES are in general rotation on WDYN (Rochester, NY), High Plains Public Radio (Garden City, KS) and Grateful Dread Radio.

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